Front Royal Weekly Auction
USDA - Mon May 20, 3:39AM CDT
Richmond, VA    Mon May 20, 2019    VA Dept of Ag-USDA Market News

  Front Royal VA Livestock Auction
  Weekly Auction for Thu May 16, 2019
  All prices per hundredweight unless otherwise stated

   Slaughter Cattle   45 head

   Slaughter Cows   40 head

      Slaughter Cows Breaker 75-80% Lean
       850-1200     50.00-57.00
      1200-1600     54.00-62.00

      Slaughter Cows Breaker High Yielding
      1200-1600     62.00-65.00

      Slaughter Cows Boner 80-85% Lean
       800-1200     50.00-53.00
      1200-2000           53.00

      Slaughter Cows Boner High Yielding
      1200-2000           63.00

      Slaughter Cows Lean 85-90% Lean
       850-1200           29.00

   Slaughter Bulls   5 head

      Slaughter Bulls YG 1-2
      1500-2500     61.00-81.00

      Slaughter Bulls High Yielding
      1500-2500    81.00-100.00

All prices per hundredweight unless otherwise stated.
Price and grade information is reported by VDACS Livestock Marketing 
and disseminated by Virginia Market News Service. While market reports 
reflect the majority of cattle at each sale, there are instances where 
animals do not fit reporting categories and are not included.
Source:  Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
         USDA-VA Market News, Richmond, VA   804.786-3947

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