Welcome to Commercial Lynks Inc.’s inaugural newsletter, we value you as a producer and want to do our best to keep you informed! Our regular newsletter will provide updates on what is happening at Commercial Lynks, our current bids, and what is happening with the world markets. We hope you find value in the information we provide.

Commercial Lynks was named The USDA Small Business Contractor of the Year last week; we could not have received this recognition without you, the producers, providing us with quality products, thank you!  

Speaking of quality products, we are still contracting for this year’s crops, to view our current bids; you can click the link at the top of this page, or click here.  Please consider stopping by our newly updated website commerciallynks.com where you can always find our current bids.  We also have a Grain Offer System, where you can submit offers to us, check it out,  if you need assistance let us know.  As we approach a new crop year, if you old crop taking up bin space, give us a call, we can help you free up bin space as we always have interest from the world export market. Let us know so we can get to work marketing it to our large customer base all over the world.   It’s going to be a great year!

Andy's Corner
Montana News
Andy Van Haur, Shelby, MT Merchandiser Office PH:  406-424-8150 Cell:  406-350-1564


I hope all are doing great on this beautiful spring day.  With seeding finishing up across the northern plains and grass growing as far as the eye can see here on the Rocky mountain front it’s an exciting time of the year and one of my favorites.  I am excited for the potential of our website, be patient as we may have some growing pains with the cash bids and offers as it is the first of its type in the pulse markets.

Crops are sprouted and growing, setting up for tremendous pulse and small grains crop season.  Give me a call today to discuss selling what old crop is left in the bin or Commercial Lynks 5-20 bushel an acre contracts with act of god.  Commercial Lynks is always bidding any quality or quantity of crop with on farm pickup available.

Thanks Andy

World Pulse Export News 
Ameer M Buhari, Alexandria VA,  Pulse Broker  PH: 703-751-6200 Ext 2005 Cell: 703 380 0257

Global agro commodity markets are impacted by a host of factors: and given the dynamic nature of these factors, a constant update of the magnitude of change and its effects on market fundamentals are critical for commodity traders to take informed trading calls.

To be sure, there are five broad factors that drive the global commodity markets. The drivers are: economic growth: geopolitics: monetary policy; currency; and weather. All five are expected to play out in 2017 in varying degrees and impact the world commodity markets.

India is the largest import market for North American pulses. Record pulse crop production in India along with record imports of pulses from many origins has depressed the local pulse prices in the Indian market. Thus lower bids for USA/Canada pulses from India buyers.

Slowdown in China economy is not helping the pulse exporters from USA/Canada. We have seen continuous reduced demand for pulses from China.

A record Lentil production in Australia (1.2 MILLION MT in 2017 against 450K in 2016) is causing serious competition for North American exporters in all foreign markets. Australia is still carrying a substantial inventory of old crop. Over production will dampen the world market prices and thus lower values for US/Canada Lentil, Peas production.

The only exception is the Kabuli/Desi chickpea market. Due to supply shortage in the traditional Chick Pea producers (India, Pakistan, Turkey , Mexico, Canada) has  kept the current and new crop Chick Pea prices firm.

Stronger US dollar usually caps the upside for commodity prices designated in dollar terms. 2017 is expected to see the greenback continuing to stay strong and impact commodity prices.